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Needs more of the pencil, and it needs to be more

It wasn't really as funny as the other Pencilmations... I love the Pencilmations; great concept, hilarious, and it looks good altogether. But this one wasn't quite so good. The pencil didn't do much at all, and the characters were stereotypes... Also, if you are going to do color, try having a colored pencil come it to do it.

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An outstanding work. It could easily be the start to a 90+ minute movie, and it would be a really good one. Incredible, just incredible.

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Fun but not original

It is essentially a copy of motherload. I did like how it saves your mining tunnels, you can dig up, and teleports stay there. All in all it's fun but not super original.

It bested me

Apparently the final jump cannot be done. I never got to this point, as the "unique" key responsiveness left me unable to make it anywhere close to that despite a good half hour of trying. Personally I believe this is intentional, and alas it broke my resolve. Your game has defeated me, sir. I admit defeat. While I would like to try and discover the secrets this game holds, I am not good enough. Good game, you win.

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Stickman91 responds:

It was a fine battle we had, my friend.

I'd love it if you were to challenge me again once you manage to put the pieces of your resolve back together. I recommend using the strongest glue you can find, as well as some duct tape. Earwax might help, too.

Good, but buggy

As far as I got before the bugs stopped me, great. But I never got to finish either ending because of bugs. I encountered one with the squirrel, and one with the roaches cave, both preventing further play.

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Fantastic as always

Your music never disappoints, always outstanding.

Another great song

Another great song. It could use some sort of fade or something on the end, because the transition from end to beginning seems a tad off when looping. Aside from that, this is a great piece, as always.

Cheerfully melodic; it's great

It is a cheery piece, and it certainly puts me in a good mood. I'll be sure to listen to it when I could use a nice, bright piece like this. Keep up making stellar music.

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Very nice

This is great, especially the shine on it. Can I ask what program was used to make it?

JACK-IN-THE-DARK responds:

I used maya to model and i don't remember very well, but i think i used mental ray to render it.

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